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im baaaaaaaaaaaaack!

2012-06-25 02:29:02 by HeavyUrb

2 new tracks
make a play

oh well

2011-11-25 22:08:42 by HeavyUrb

looks like its safe to assume i lost, but so what! i got exposure...and i got to see that people like my voice, style and how i ride. but whats up with this flow? i gotta figure out what is flow and how i can make it better because i'm no good in any future tournaments untill i do. if your an artist specifically hip hop kick some knowledge my way.

So Yea!!! im all in!!

2011-11-06 10:51:47 by HeavyUrb

bout to see what this tournament is about Test Your might!
the 2011 album in the NG store might wanna go cop that.
good luck to everyone in the winter edition.

i despise this

2011-10-07 15:48:17 by HeavyUrb

how do you get well known or popular on this site cause this is sum bull

i despise this

i knew it!!!!!!!!!!

2011-01-25 02:47:47 by HeavyUrb

holy shit not only did me and my friends find hasley's lab and seen the picture but check the concept art bitches emile is black! i know a negroid voice when i hear 1 everyone on youtube is queefin over this

i knew it!!!!!!!!!!

like exposure theres alot of things that goes on in the audio portal that no one will ever know about. i think tom should make a little history page for the audio portal. like how he has for the flash one. maby make some kinda page where artist can tell who what when where why went on in the audio portal. ive been browsing artist and ive noticed theres people that are interesting.they should share their history like stories behind certain songs they created and such.

woking for google?...

2009-10-25 01:13:37 by HeavyUrb

is it 2 good 2 b tru or is it a scam or is it yea tos first 2 qustions sums up what i want to know.... has ne1 done this 2 know if its bull yet?