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yo, yo

this is funny man i have mortal kombat i'm blacki use cyrax and im not offended hmu on xbl samurai shawty you can have more than 1 black friend you lil beaner

laughing my FUQAO

this reminds me of working for verizon call center extra funny i like your humor i didnt see that coming hey this is going in my fave's i cant really see anything that needed critiqing everything flowed on time, sound was good, animations were on point. gr8 job

omg suhweet

so thats how he came to existence. you have a very nice flash prequel. now im dying to see what happened to her and the other tofu parts after your third 1.

plot 10/10 it leaves you feeling in blanks but i'm not gonna take away points 4 that.

graphics 10/10 i love your style i think its unique.

animation 10/10
fbf ftw and you blended the traditional with the vector and still used flash it has an awesome out come.

music 10/10 mr. murph track went well with this animation and its not a bad track itself.

safe to say ive enjoyed your cherry on your serries milkshake.

danomano65 responds:

this cartoon is the beginning of a longer one. I'm reanimating the older tofu cartoons and this is what happens before them, so it will lead into the higher quality versions of the previous 3. The action scenes will be more detail and awesome and then once i make it through them i'll cap the first movie off with the battle I had planned for TOFU4. That will be the first movie, there should be 2 more I think after that.

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its not as fun

this one had the oppourtunity to be better and more fun than doodle god i was highly upset to find sex+beast=/= beastiality

with it missing alot of things as simple as that it made the game harder and less enjoyable but its good just not a better follow up.

graphics great , sound was cool, had equal feel of the first one with a little let down for it not having extra play around


this was an enjoyable entertaining original story. i found 8/35 endings it has good amount of replay valuefor sure. i love the story i won't spoil much for others but time travel for an obsession is a good plot. the music is awesome goes with each part of story. i only whish there was a narrator.


sorry man this reminds me of a generic version of get in the box...so meh

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this has a major arcade montage of arcade tunes that makes me nostalgic even tho i cant lay my fingers on whats what. hey is that suspose to be like zombies ate my neihbors @ 2:10? anyway keep up the good work this blends so well. this never got boring me likes. p.s. My addiction was buster bros!!!!!!!

Decibel7 responds:

Haha! Peace man! Yeah. I should make tracks like these more often, eh??

subtract autotune n you got it!

i like this i hope theres more songs that show this side of you merc. its a lil shocker im used to hearin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!mercuuurrrrrrrrrry!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!! you know what i mean this is like easy listenin. it got a im giving you a window to my world feel to it but i think it should go on the mixtape just so you dont seem 1 dimensional if not anything else i said.

:33 master chief

zomg @ 1:40 jason stathan i like your voices you have talent i assume you intentionally diddnt add variations to just showcase only the actuall voice

mrbipolar responds:

You assume correctly. Thanks for listening and leaving a review!

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so colorful

and those expressions of utter joy. Man i want those cargos!


wanna touch da hiney!...naw really tto me
it look like they were play wrastlin and then they just chilled for the picture..like lets play sleep y'all.
yea i like the poses though. i think this is gonna be my wallpapah.

young and new artist slash electronic engineer on the rise....uh yeah

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